WordPress Maintenance

Why Do You Need WordPress Maintenance?


  • Maintaining a website can be tedious, technical and confusing! Let us do it for you and eliminate the headaches.
  • With over 20% of new websites being built on WordPress, the platform is ripe for hackers! Monthly maintenance comes with the needed eyes-on-your site and real-time alerts to help keep your site secure.
  • WordPress releases major updates twice per year and more often for minor updates. Staying on top of the latest theme, plugins and WordPress core updates is a job best left for a WordPress Professional. We can help!

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    * Once you opt-out of monthly maintenance you are responsible for all WordPress updates, theme and plugin updates and all security and alert monitoring. 

    Please note: WordPress maintenance includes updating WordPress core, themes and plugins only and is not considered an agreement for content updates. If you would like help managing the content on your website then contact Sublime Creations here.

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    Sublime Creations is becoming Ruby Moon Designs 

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