The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed since the introduction of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to name a few. SEO is no longer about how many people are visiting your site. It’s more about how relevant your content is to your readers and motivating those readers to share your content.

How do you get your readers engaged with content? Write or blog about the topics you know and then tweet it with a URL back to your site. The number of times it gets re-tweeted can help boost your rankings based on the number of visitors seeing the content. But Google can’t index social media sites like Twitter or Facebook so how does this help SEO? Through relevant content, that’s how.

When you are writing content for your site or blog it is important to remember to keep your posts relevant to your business, but keep it relevant to the industry and users as well. If your post encourages other businesses to share information about related topics that provide links, resources, etc., this is the content that will be re-tweeted or shared. If your post sounds self-promotional or like a sales pitch, you may not get many people sharing your content.

Content that is industry-serving rather than self-serving can also help get a link back to your blog or a link to your tweet or mention from other blogs or websites. Those links can help your SEO, so always remember to include a link back to your website in your tweets. You are establishing yourself or business as credible when you are posting relevant content and this will help engage visitors and keep them coming back.

If possible, partner with your customers, colleagues, and other similar organizations to be a guest blogger on their website and then add a link back to your site explaining the connection between the two. Remember to tweet it!

Create a YouTube channel and tweet the links in a series such as tutorial, quick how-to’s or informational videos. You can then add these videos to your blog by embedding them on the page, which is as simple as copying and pasting the link they provide into your blog post! You can even embed keywords into your YouTube videos to help with SEO. Then tweet a link to your blog post or website every time you add new content.

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