I recently had the opportunity to sit in at Ignite Denver to listen to speakers talk about various topics. One of the speakers mentioned a statistic that I found quite alarming: 52% of small business owners don’t have a website! This was surprising to me with the availability of website builders such as Wix, WordPress, and SquareSpace.

As a website developer, I tend to take website builder services with a grain of salt. Since I know of these build-it-yourself website tools, I assumed that most small business owners would also be aware of them, find them useful and utilize them to establish their small business online. But they aren’t!

The problem with these build-it-yourself website tools is that they require time and effort to build your website. You need to have graphics, photos, and (some) design skills to build your site, even the ones with a wizard to help you set it up. You also need a domain name in most cases.

All of this can be overwhelming to a small business owner, especially if you are not technical, aren’t comfortable with new technology or simply want to rely on good old word of mouth referrals.

With up to 90% of people conducting online searches for products, services or businesses, it makes sense to have a website for your small business. Sublime Creations can establish your business online at an affordable cost and can help you manage and maintain your online presence through social media, testimonials and other electronic “word of mouth” techniques.

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