I was anxious to get my photos posted to Facebook after getting married. I mean, who isn’t excited to share photos of their wedding? I wanted friends and family to have access to the photos so they could download them. I also wanted them to upload their own photos to add to my growing wedding album.

With the multitude of different photo sharing sites and apps that are available, I was surprised to learn that few of these will let other users upload photos into your account. I have an account with Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox and Google Docs, but none of these would allow others to contribute to my album.

That’s when I discovered that Facebook rolled out Shared Albums late last year. Shared albums will allow you to add up to 50 friends as contributors. These contributors can upload and edit photos in the shared album and contribute up to 200 of their own to it.

Setting up a shared album in Facebook is easy! Warning: shameless wedding photos below.

Log into your Facebook account and navigate to your profile page. You will see several tabs under your cover photo and next to your profile pic: Timeline, About, Photos, Friends, More. Click on the Photos tab:

Click the Facebook Photos Tab to view your photos and albums.

Once you are in your Facebook Photos, you’ll see a link for Albums, click this to view your Albums or you can create a new album by clicking the + Create Album button in the top right corner:

Facebook Albums

Select the album you want others to contribute to. You will see a button to Change to Shared Album in the upper left corner. Click this button to convert the album to a shared album:

Convert Facebook album to a shared album

There are a few privacy settings you can control while adding friends to a shared album. You can allow Contributors to invite their friends as contributors by checking the box. You can also control who sees the photos the Contributors are uploading into your shared album. Click Save when you are done editing your settings and voila, your selected contributors can now upload to your shared album:

Facebook Shared Album Contributor settings


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